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About US

The sole purpose for this web site is to promote business and the interaction of buyers and sellers.

We are a family owned small business buying and selling merchandise. We use ebay a lot and also craigs list
What we have listed on this web site is only a fraction of what we actually own .....Please send us an email for any info...

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   This web site is designed to provide buyers and sellers a place to display for sale merchandise and services. While every effort is made to be accurate, by using this site or any of our services, you agree that neither the advertisers nor the publisher will be responsible for misinformation, typographical errors, etc., or for any form of damages arising from the viewing of, the use of, or participation in any of the related websites or services. You are agreeing that viewing and usage of the same is at your own risk. Company names, make and model names, product or service identification, or any other identification; as well as logos are the property of their respective companies and are used only for purposes of identifying the item. No part of this site or its published items may be reproduced in any form without prior consent of the publisher.

Privacy Policy is committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users.

   If you have any additional questions about our service or Web site please do not hesitate to contact us at


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Thomas and Annie Laudato
1368 Johnson ave #5208
Salton City California 92275
760 679 6587 cel 619 316 6860


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